Our service offers both low and high-intensity courses of treatment, depending on which is more appropriate. Further details on these and our stepped care approach are outlined below.

Whenever possible we offer low-intensity courses of treatment in the first instance. This is the recommendation of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) because low-intensity courses are the easiest to access and most widely available.

Low Intensity

Low-intensity options include workshops, groups, and guided self-help using workbooks or online packages. Guided self-help includes one-to-one support, often in the form of weekly or fortnightly telephone calls.

High Intensity

High-intensity therapies usually involve weekly one-to-one sessions (by telephone or face to face) with a therapist who specialises in a particular form of therapy, e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT – https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cognitive-behavioural-therapy-cbt/) or interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT)  – find out more.

You and your therapist will review your progress together and may decide to step up your treatment (low to high intensity), or step it down (high to low intensity), or across (to another option at the same step) before you are ready to complete your treatment and be discharged.

Managing low mood

Feeling down? Struggling to sleep? Finding it hard to concentrate?

Worry management

This 5-week group course aims to help you better understand stress and worry. It provides management techniques and strategies to reduce daily stresses and concerns.

Living well with Long Term health conditons

This 7-week group group supports understanding of the impact of your physical condition. We can help you manage feeling low, anxious or depressed

Panic Support

This six week course of webinars is specifically designed to assist patients experiencing feelings of panic or intense anxiety attacks

Online therapy

We offer online treatment options, which are accessible from your smart phone, tablet or computer at home, any time of the day or night.

Healthy Living Healthy Minds

A new lifestyle course for people with mild-moderate depression or anxiety, who’s lifestyle and physical activity levels have been affected by the way they feel.  

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