Guidance and practical advice on Men's health

Men's mental health

Men are less likely to access mental health support and generally tend to ask for help far later than women. 

Read our guide and find out how you can help mens and boys open up about their mental health

Removing the stigmas

Let’s get the conversation started.

This guide tackles men’s mental health and and includes tips on how to start a conversation, remove the stigmas and get support.

Exercise and men's health

Find out how exercise can benefit mental health, why it’s so important and the best types of exercise to improve quality of life

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Topics include: the stigma and societal pressures surrounding men’s mental health and what it means to be a man along with building the confidence and skills to offer support to someone who may be struggling with their mental health.

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Listen up!

Men’s Mental Health delivered by Joseph Conway, Vita’s Mental Health Trainer.
Joe discusses common mental health challenges that specifically affect men, and identifies some effective strategies or therapeutic approaches that can help.
Joe explores the roles that friends, family, workplaces and community play in men’s mental health, and what advice would you give to men who may be hesitant or unsure about seeking help for their mental health and wellbeing.

An informative discussion exploring the stigmas and challenges facing men when talking about mental health with Dr Omar Kowlessar, Clinical Lead with Vita Health Group and James Aukett, a representative of Andy’s Man club, a suicide prevention charity offering peer to peer support groups.

This fascinating podcast features a discussion with a patient who has been supported through mental health challenges with help from Ryan Luney, one of Vita’s Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners.

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