Digital screening and referral management

We are able to interface with eRS and secure NHS.NET mail systems to be able to safely and effectively triage referrals directly from GPs.

This has proven to be a highly effective service aiming to get Patients on the right pathway first time. Our triage decisions are audited by Orthopaedic and Rheumatology colleagues who provide an added level of assurance that patients are being seen in the right place.

With growing pressures on the health system, some form of referral triage is seen as an essential step to ensure patients are seen appropriately and resources are used to the maximum. Digital screening provides this step and is a valuable resource for GP’s and Patients.

First Contact Practitioner (FCP) roles (GP practice-based)

The U.K. has an increasingly ageing population, with more people living with more long-terms conditions. These population trends, combined with GP shortages, are placing General Practice under ever-greater pressure. Therefore, GPs are increasingly considering how they can use and target resources more effectively. This includes enabling more patients’ care to be managed by a wider range of practitioners within the practice-based team.

Many GPs are already seeing the benefits of drawing in the expertise of experienced physiotherapists to work alongside them as the first point of contact for their MSK patients. Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are about 20-30% of GP workload

First contact physiotherapists (FCPs) have been shown to safely and effectively manage a musculoskeletal caseload by advising on self-management, initiating further investigations and referrals, when needed, enhancing the patient experience and freeing up GP time to lead, manage and spend with other patients.

As part of the primary care team physiotherapists can promote and implement the practice’s approach to health promotion, early intervention, avoiding unnecessary medication, referrals and hospital admissions, and supporting patient self-management.

The feedback from GPs and patients affirms that FCPs are working in practice.

GP Educational Programmes

Do you want to learn more about the most common MSK injuries and conditions?

We have been supporting GP’s for many years and can provide seminars and workshops tailored to your needs. Equip you and your team with the skills you need to help prevent injuries, manage conditions better in Primary Care and generally improve the knowledge and skills needed to manage MSK Patients.

Presented by Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and a range of other experts from our award-winning team, we can cover topics such as:

  • Common sports injuries and how to avoid them
  • Running technique and footwear
  • Stretching demonstrations specific to your sport
  • Nutrition advice for training and competing
  • Marathon or Triathlon Preparation
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