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With increased costs often comes greater stress; here’s how to cope this winter.

British people are increasingly worried about the cost-of-living crisis. Inflation is at an all-time high and our energy bills are increasing dramatically despite the government’s domestic price cap. Not only this, but the UK is now braced for a recession, which is set to hit households later in the year.

Not only are Brits worried but it seems that the cost-of-living crisis is actually the biggest cause of our stress right now too.

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Cost of living crisis - your questions answered

People are getting increasingly worried about the cost-of-living crisis.

Certainly, a big part of worry is the ‘unknown’ and we want to help reduce that. So, we’ve tackled important questions about the cost-of-living crisis head on in this article.

Read on to get your cost-of-living questions answered.

Financial stress during festive season

As we count down to December 25th, many people will be feeling the pressure of delivering a magical time when money is tight. But it can be overwhelming to create a picture perfect holiday filled with lavish gifts, food and happy family celebrations. Sadly, 41% of Brits have said they are worried a lack of funds would crush their seasonal plans this year.

How to manage anxiety around spiralling energy costs

Aside from financial stress due to the cost of living being a common concern right now, one of the stressors many of us seem to be facing this winter is managing our anxiety due to the soaring costs of energy.

Whilst we can’t control the energy prices, we can help with some ways to manage increased anxiety. Here are five ways to help you keep your cool at home as the energy prices soar:

Taking control; 7 ways you can look after your family’s financial wellbeing during the cost-of-living crisis

British people are becoming more and more worried about the cost-of-living crisis. And sadly, it’s a worry that’s unlikely to go away anytime soon.

With this in mind, here are seven ways you can take back control and begin to manage your family’s financial wellbeing this winter.

Take control of your finances

If you’re struggling to make ends meet due to the increased cost-of-living, do not bury your head in the sand. Here are some tips how to plan, budget and take control of your finances, reduce your energy spend and know the top energy guzzlers in your home.

With increased costs often comes greater stress; here’s how to cope this winter

Like any source of overwhelming stress, financial stress can take a huge toll on both our mental and physical health, and sadly the two can end up being in a bit of a never-ending cycle.

Money helper

A range of useful resources and self help guides from MoneyHelper – bringing together the support and services of three government-backed financial guidance providers: Money Advice Service, The Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise.

Benefits calculator

You can use an independent, free and anonymous benefits calculator to check what you could be entitled to. than £2,500 per year for each of the next two years.

Find a food bank

The Trussel Trust support a nationwide network of food banks and together provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.

Pay Plan

PayPlan help with contacting people you owe money to and arranging lower payments to make things more affordable.

Citizens advice

Online free advice from Citizens Advice to help you find a way forward, whatever the problem.

Help for households

The government has set out decisive action to support people and businesses with their energy bills and tackle the root causes of the issues in the UK energy market through increased supply – ensuring the country is not left in the same position again.

Inkind direct

We work with charitable organisations and companies to ensure everyone has access to the products they need to keep clean, safe and well.

Step Change debt charity

Our team of debt experts help hundreds of thousand of people a year to deal with their debt problems. With nearly 30 years experience, you can be confident that we can provide the advice and support you need to achieve long-term financial control.

National debt line

National Debtline is a charity.

They provide free and independent debt advice over the phone and online.

Dealing with worries

Lucie Ironman, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner at Vita Health Group discusses worry and our mental health

Support to help you cope

Vita works in partnership with the NHS to provide mental health services in various districts throughout the UK. If you are struggling to cope and would like support then click below to find out more.

If you live outside of the areas we serve then click the Every mind matters button.

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