Developing as a graduate MSK clinician

MSK clinicians from all backgrounds are eligible for the graduate MSK training programme at Vita Health Group. Training falls into 3 key areas:

Performance and well-being

Each month graduate MSK clinicians will meet with their team-lead to discuss their well-being and performance to celebrate their successes and support where there are challenges.

Practice-based learning

Each week graduate MSK clinicians have non-facing time to prepare for their clinic, reflect on patient encounters, and debrief with a clinical supervisor.

Classroom-based learning

Learning that accommodates debate, critique reflection, and practical skills is key part of developing the breadth of knowledge and skill required to succeed and progress in the community MSK setting.

We welcome you from different backgrounds

Diversity makes us stronger. Our diverse group of professionals brings tangible benefits the people using our services.

Clinicians from different professional backgrounds work and develop Together. As a team we develop our clinicians to:

  • Making care personal,
  • Treat patients with integrity, dignity, and respect
  • identify serious diagnoses,
  • Support people with long lasting pain
  • Place people into the right service at the right time.
  • Holistically assess and manage musculoskeletal pain effecting the periphery and spine.

Career Progression

Graduate MSK clinicians complete a period of core competency before being eligible to progress into an established position which brings with it additional complexity, variety, and responsibility.

Rewarding leadership opportunities, and specialist MSK roles are available to MSK clinicians who have become established in MSK.

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Real people, real opportunity...

My Story: Rebecca

Hello, my name is Rebecca. I am currently working as the MCATs/FCP operations manager within our NHS MSK Physiotherapy service. I started at Vita in 2019 as a fresh faced new graduate and haven’t looked back since.

Throughout my time here, I have been given so many great opportunities to progress in different directions both clinically and in leadership roles. There is a great sense of community at Vita, with many colleagues becoming people I now call friends.

There is a common goal at Vita to strive to create an environment in which we can offer a great service to the people we treat whilst opening many doors to different opportunities for employees to progress into. Without the commitment and continued support of those around me at Vita, I would not have progressed into the role I am working in today.


My Story: April

Hi, I ‘m April. I am one of the senior physiotherapists at VHG.  I joint vita on the development programme in 2021, thanks to Vitas commitment to growth and learning I was able to swiftly move into a leadership role the following year.

Thus far I have discovered a passion for collaborative work thriving in team environments. There is a true sense of community within the workplace. Through vitas nurturing culture of teamwork and mentorship I was able to complete my MCATS training and expand my skill set with injection training.

In addition, I have been able to grow outside of my comfort zone into the first contact practitioner land. The invaluable experiences and encouragement from Vita have not only allowed me to lead clinically but they have given me groundbreaking opportunities to work on the operational side of the business and start project management.

My growth within Vita over 3 years stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to fostering individual development and collaborative success.

Graduate journeys:

Rebecca’s graduate journey:

April’s graduate journey:

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