How does employment support work?

Work plays an important role in our lives. It is therefore important to consider how performance expectations at work make you feel and how your work leaves you feeling each day, whether it has resulted in a period of sickness absence.

Once you have attended your assessment with your therapist, you will be offered a referral to support you with any discussed employment difficulties. From the onset we will help you to initially identify and agree an employment goal, then together plan the steps needed to support you to achieve your goal. At times we may also help you to identify where you can access specialist support and advice, to help you make an informed decision on progressing your concerns.

Please note: You cannot refer directly to Employment support ALL referrals must be made via your therapist

What is employment support?

To complement the support provided by a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Therapist or Counsellor within VitaMinds, you can also access support from an Employment Advisor which often continues alongside your treatment.

Our support allows you to focus on your employment difficulties which may be impacting you as a result of low-mood or anxiety or directly due to your work and can help you if you are currently in work, on sickness leave or unemployed and seeking work.

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Feedback from those who have used our service

Our feedback has shown, by providing psychologically informed employment focussed interventions, individuals have reported feeling more empowered and therefore achieving improved mental health and employment outcomes.

I just wanted to let you know I passed my probation period, and also got promoted to a higher role! 

I just wanted to tell you because you were a massive reason I was able to get this job in the first place.  

And also, I get to work from home 2 days a week, so it’s amazing! 

You really did change my life for the better and therefore I wanted to email to show you my gratitude. I’ll be forever grateful

“I know 100%, without your help I would not have got the job or felt prepared for any of the interviews I’ve had, as I had no clue how to conduct myself in the right manner with my anxiety, but you really made me feel so calm and relaxed right from the first call, and gave me all I needed to feel confident in the interviews”.

Support for business

The aim of Employment Support is to support both employers and employees to consider strategies to overcome mental ill health at work: often resulting in employees struggling to return from sickness absence or leading to concerns about remaining in work.

  • Our service is FREE and confidential
  • Our approach is impartial and brings together mental health focussed interventions to aid sustainable employee wellbeing
  • We can also assist Employers to develop effective return to work and relapse prevention strategies for employees
  • Support to identify current resources available for your business to actively promote and target action towards early interventions


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