Service User Involvement

Vita Health Group focus on service user involvement. It is at the heart of our philosophy and shapes every aspect of our work. It means putting the people who use our services in control of the care and support they receive. Our experience proves that this helps them overcome mental health issues and lead more fulfilling lives.

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What is the Service User Involvement?

Our Service User Involvement works in a variety of ways to ensure that the people we support lead the way, not just in their own support but in decisions at every level about the design and delivery of our services. Vita Health Group works to develop and support innovation in service user involvement, leadership and peer support, as well as raising awareness of mental health issues more widely based on the experiences and priorities of people with lived experience of mental distress.

Our Aims

  • Support the development of service user involvement and leadership at all levels
  • Work with public, private and voluntary organisations to research, publish guides and share specialist advice around service user involvement
  • Create links between other individuals and local community groups to influence local, regional and national decisions about mental health care
  • Develop peer-led initiatives, such as our peer support models and self management

We are a member of 4Pi

4Pi National Involvement Standards

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