Staying well together

Being a student can be a tricky time to manage and one that can be filled with lots of different pressures. Take time to care for yourself and friends during this new adventure.

Here are 5 ideas to stay well as a student…

  1. Personalise your space – bring your favourite belongings to your new living space and take ownership of your new home.
  2. Fill your fridge! – staying well stems directly from eating well. Reaching your fruit and veg quota each day is an easy way to achieve this.
  3. Find balance – research the societies that your University has to offer. Sports teams and other social activities are a great way to integrate into your new community and meet like-minded people who share similar interests.
  4. Explore – walking tours in and around both the university campus and city are great ways to familiarise yourself with your new home. Get to know your city and school. Find the hidden spots of beauty amongst the hustle and bustle.
  5. Socialise – take some time to unplug and disconnect from the online world. Dedicate some time to getting to know your new mates, ask the simple, the exciting and the funny questions. Meeting people for the first time can seem a daunting prospect but just remember – they will be feeling exactly the same as you! Be the warm, welcoming smile for someone else.

Reach out and connect

Don’t wallow alone in your worrying thoughts and stresses. Talk it through with your mates, whether in a coffee shop, the pub or on the pitch. Surrounding yourself with friends will show you that you are not alone in this journey and a strong network of peers will help you to find solutions to your concerns.

Keep your mind healthy

Looking after your mind is just as important as looking after your body. Set yourself small challenges and goals to keep your mind focused and fulfilled when you achieve these realistic goals. The small habit of challenging your mind can streamline your thoughts and provide a sense of focus.

Manage your time effectively

Work smarter not harder! Use lists to manage your tasks and to avoid being overwhelmed with how much work you think you need to accomplish. Break down each task, prioritise and create realistic expectations of what can be achieved in your working time frame

Daily activities to help you stay well

Staying well as a student does not have to be complicated or expensive. There is joy to be found in our everyday life, you just need to take time to spot it!

Here are some easy, cheap and accessible ideas that can keep your mind well whilst at university…

Disconnect – take a walk around campus without your headphones. Unplug from your phone and listen to the real world for half an hour. The real world of nature, of laughter, overhearing hearty chit chat. There is casual magic in the simplicity of being present and in touch with the immediate world.

Slow down – Take a few minutes to notice the beauty in a fleeting moment. Whether that be a rainbow hovering amongst a rain storm, an oddly shaped cloud or even a lop-sided flower. There is beauty in everything – you just have to find it!

Helping a friend out – Is one of your housemates struggling with their workload or having difficulty adjusting to university? Offer a welcoming ear and stay well together.

How can I get help?

If you are struggling to cope then you can refer yourself to NHS Talking Therapies by clicking the button. This service is free and you don’t need to see a GP to start a referral.

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