RehabWorks is a leading provider of physical and mental health programmes across the UK. Established in 1987, RehabWorks have decades of clinical experience and expertise in UK healthcare and have worked with a wide range of corporates clients.

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness was established in 1989 and specialises in understanding and assisting emotional and mental health in the workplace. The broad scope of their services has seen this brand work with some of the UK’s biggest corporate clients supplying personal, immediate support to thousands of people across the UK. Acquired in 2015, this is an integral service that specialises in helping people deal with all kinds of issues.

Crystal Palace Physio Group

Crystal Palace Physio Group is an award-winning specialist physiotherapy service provider. Acquired in 2017, Crystal Palace Physio Group provides a holistic approach that helps patients deal with physical and emotional concerns to ensure they live full and happy lives.

Our united brand, Vita Health Group, combines the strengths and expertise of each of the individual entities, with an overall objective to becoming the UK’s Leading healthcare provider of best in class Physical and Mental Health Solutions.

As a single group, we are able to unify everything we do into one comprehensive programme, simplify the lives of our patients with an integrated medical offering, and amplify our effect promoting healthy lives and minds.

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Whether supporting the NHS, working with employers and organisations, or with individuals, we have spent more than 30 years developing our healthcare practices.

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Vita is an award-winning, CQC registered healthcare provider