What does the support involve?

Our support is tailored to the needs of the individual, however, it will include:

  • Helping people to reduce their anxiety
  • Validating the natural emotional reactions to a shocking event
  • Helping people to determine what they need to do to look after themselves in the short term, and identifying practical steps to doing this.
  • Providing information about their EAP service and the 24/7 helpline support
  • Providing information about the natural psychological coping processes following an event, and when to seek further support if things are not returning to normal.
  • In line with NICE guidance for the prevention of PTSD, this is NOT psychological debriefing or any derivative form of this.

Critical Incident support explained

In this Vidcast, Dr Katy James, Clinical lead at Vita Health Group outlines the Critical Incident support available for organisations.

In the event of an incident, calls can be made to the helpline 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Calls are managed by our qualified counsellors who are all trained in critical incident response and can provide immediate support, guidance and advice about further support if needed.

We also work with a team of Critical Incident responders who can deliver additional support to a team or workplace, either on-site or via virtual delivery, depending on your needs.

Following an incident or traumatic event, we provide immediate and on-going assistance to ensure that our clients and their employees can return to business as usual as quickly and effectively as possible.

Managers can contact the helpline 24/7 to seek support following an incident, and they will be supported by a qualified counsellor, trained to provide evidence- based support and advice in the event of a critical incident.

On-site Critical Incident Support

Our standard on-site critical incident response is delivered at least 72hrs following an incident.

This is in line with best practice, allowing space and time for the immediate natural psychological coping mechanisms of individuals to begin.

Where this on-site support is indicated one of our Critical Incident Responders can provide support to those individuals who may not have other support networks available or who need an independent person to talk to for support and evidence-based advice.

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Our Services

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a cost-effective, strategic workforce tool that enhances employee wellbeing and resilience, impacting positively on productivity, absence, engagement, performance, talent retention, risk management, and business continuity by supporting with those social determinants that can impact upon an individual’s health.

Mental Health Treatment Services

We have a unique insight into our patients’ needs. We consider life and its foibles and concerns from every angle to offer a complete service that benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mental Health Expert Assessment

A Mental Health Expert Assessment is required for any client entering our occupationally focussed full mental health services. Clients may be referred from our EAP service team or referred directly from Occupational Health or HR professionals.


Experts in Musculoskeletal and Mental Health Solutions

Physical Health

Our service combines the latest App based digital technology combined with a nationwide network of quality assured clinics.

Preventative Health

A focus on education and training to create working environments where individuals are proactively empowered to manage their own health and wellbeing.

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