Making People Better

Vita Health Group is a leading private UK healthcare provider. We are dedicated to making people better, by providing integrated physical and mental health services to employers/insurers, the NHS and private patients.

With over 30 years experience delivering best in class physical and mental health, Vita Health Group has unique insight into delivering holistic, person-centred care. We follow a simple 3-step message. Unify, Simplify, Amplify and pride ourselves on having clinicians at every level, from the CEO’s office to local clinics.

Our physical health services range from physiotherapy to group exercise classes and more specialist treatments such as acupuncture and injection therapy.

Our mental health services offered include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), guided self-help and group therapy sessions.

Vita Health Group celebrates life. Improving lives physically and mentally drives everything we do. We work with individuals and organisations alike to support and improve lives.


Our Vision and Values

Our Purpose

We are committed to Making People Better.

Our Vision

To be the UK’s Leading healthcare provider of best in class Physical and Mental Health Solutions

Our Values

Our vision is underpinned by our values, where we behave in line with the following.

Leadership – We lead the way through innovation and continuous improvement

People centred – We support, develop and value each other, so together we can make a difference

Customer focused – We are passionate about going above and beyond for our customers.

Quality – We hold each other accountable and strive to deliver excellence

Integrity – We treat each other with respect and honesty

Our History

Vita Health Group comprises three leading UK healthcare providers, each with their own proven track-record and reputation within the physical and mental healthcare industry.


RehabWorks is a leading provider of physical and mental health programmes across the UK. Established in 1987, RehabWorks have
decades of clinical experience and expertise in UK healthcare, and have worked with a wide range of corporates clients

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness, a specialist provider or Employee Assistance Programmes,  was established in 1989 and was a specialises in understanding and assisting emotional and mental health in the workplace. The broad scope of their services has seen this
brand work with some of the UK’s biggest corporate clients supplying personal, immediate support to thousands of people across the UK. Acquired in 2015, this is an integral service that specialises in helping people deal with all kinds of issues.

Crystal Palace Physio Group

Crystal Palace Physio Group is an award-winning specialist physiotherapy service provider. Acquired in 2017, Crystal Palace Physio Group provides a holistic approach that helps patients deal with physical and emotional concerns to ensure they live full and happy lives.

Our leadership team

Vita is an award-winning, CQC registered healthcare provider