Mental Health Awareness week - bitesize mental health support

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness week, Lucie Ironman, one of Vita’s team of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners has created a short series of bitesized mental health advice.

Bitesize mental health series: Mood and motivation

Bitesize mental health series: Talking about mental health

Bitesize mental health series: Friends and family

Bitesize Mental health series: Worries

Bitesize mental health series: our thoughts

Making People Better series

Stress: recognising the signs, managing stress levels and where to get help

The latest episode in our series focuses on mental and physical stress.

Charlie Palmer, Clinical MSK Lead and Dr Jagdeep Ghundoo, clinical lead for Kent & Derby psychological therapies discuss how to spot the signs and how to recognise the difference between good and bad stress

Sleep: exploring why we sleep, why it's important and tips on how to get more of it.

The episode examines the importance of sleep and how it impacts on wellbeing.

Sleep experts, Tom Bivins and Dr Omar Kowlessar explores all aspects of sleep, how technology distracts us, its impact on our mental health and provides tips on how to prepare for a restful nights sleep.

Children's mental health - what to look for and how to help

This podcast delves into children’s mental health and provides help and guidance  including recognising the signs, how to support and advice for parents and family members.

Featuring Sally Tribe and Dr Omar Kowlessar, Vita’s mental health experts.

Mood and coping with Blue Monday

Vita Health Group’s Phil Adkins and Lucie Ironman discuss the topic of mental health, explore the seasonal impact on wellbeing with a focus on the awareness day, Blue Monday.

Phil and Lucie provide tips on good mental health strategies and how to get help if you need it.

Suicide Prevention Conversations with Philip Adkins

Philip Adkins discusses the importance of conversations, stigma tackling and the development of services to support suicide prevention.

This episode includes references to suicidal thinking/ ideation, but does not include details of any personal story.

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