How do I get the results of imaging/ investigations requested by Vita Health Group?


You may have agreed with your clinician at your last appointment that an onward referral to a consultant will be made should your scan confirm the suspected diagnosis, if so, this will be done for you. We will update you with the results and confirmation that the referral has been done by either post or email as agreed in your appointment.

If your clinician needs to discuss the results with you prior to agreeing your ongoing management plan, as arranged in your last appointment this will be done over the telephone or by email.

Your clinician may suggest a face to face follow up appointment to discuss your results and ongoing management plan, in which case our Administration Team will contact you to book this.

We endeavour to process scan results within 10 working days from when we receive the report. Sometimes this may take longer as we deal with all results on clinical priority and request that you consider this before contacting us.

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