All our workshops and groups are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is an ‘evidence-based treatment’ for anxiety- and depression-based problems.

CBT groups can be as effective for some people as individual therapy.

We provide a choice of groups and workshops and hope that something may be helpful for you. We try to ensure that all our groups are supportive and informative. They offer an opportunity to meet with other people who have similar experiences, and receive information and treatment from experienced therapists and practitioners.

It is normal to feel a bit reluctant or nervous about attending a group or workshop, especially if you have not been to a group or workshop before.

It can be helpful to know that no one is required to speak in front of the group unless they choose to.

However, we do know that people who actively engage in groups, or workshops – those who read materials, work through exercises, talk, and try things out – tend to benefit more from treatment.

We have great feedback from lots of people that have attended groups, even the people that were not sure groups would be helpful for them.

We encourage people to try a group or workshop and we are here to support you if you do. Our groups and workshops aim to be gentle, practical and effective. We hope that you will go home at the end of the group or workshop with a new set of skills to use in life and greater confidence to handle problems.

This is an outline of our groups and workshops, and some comments from individuals that have tried them.

Group for Depression

Feeling low? Struggling with motivation? Our 6-week group course helps you to understand what keeps depression going.

Stress and Worry

Our 6-week group course aims to help you better understand stress and worry.

Stress and low mood within long term health conditions

This 6-week group facilitates reflection and discussion about the impact of your physical condition.

Sleep Workshop

This one-day workshop aims to help you identify causes of sleep problems and offers you a chance to learn different ways to improve your sleep.

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