A significant emphasis is placed on how employees can take responsibility to improve their own health, safety and well-being by improving their lifestyle, and how to prevent or manage musculoskeletal disorders.

During the workshop, delegates are provided with the opportunity to complete a ‘Mini-MOT’ to assess their strength and flexibility and learn how these can be improved to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.  All of our manual handling workshops are tailored specifically to our client’s needs and their workforce.

We ensure that we reiterate our client’s health and safety policies, and during the hour-long practical activity, replicate typical work tasks in a live yet controlled environment.  All of our trainers are either chartered physiotherapists or rehabilitation therapists.  As expert clinicians, they’re able to optimise manual handling techniques for employees with a variety of different capabilities, including those with pre-existing musculoskeletal conditions.

As a key focus of this workshop is for employees to take responsibility for their own health, safety and wellbeing, employees are taught how to set effective ‘SMART’ goals and overcome common barriers that might prevent their goals being achieved.


Corporate Preventative Health Services

Safe Office Working

This 3.5-hour workshop teaches delegates how to prevent and manage musculoskeletal disorders and stress.

£600 for 12 delegates

Work Life Balance

This workshop takes a holistic approach to well-being to stimulate thinking and discuss a range of work-life balance aspects.


Vita Health Group has developed a unique, unbiased workshop to engage with mindfulness.


£150 for 30 delegates

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