Introducing Virtual Reality treatment for anxiety related phobias

After the success of needle phobia treatment using Virtual Reality (VR) Technology, Vita Heath Group are extending the technology to residents of, Calderdale, Kent & Medway and Derby & Derbyshire to be used as part of its NHS IAPT treatments.  Virtual Reality (VR) has shown great clinical efficiency in the treatment of specific phobias and provides the ideal context to play the situations feared, in a controlled safe way. 

Treatment is conducted remotely and has been designed to help patients conquer phobia and anxiety from the comfort of their own home.  Held under the guidance of a qualified Vita Health Group therapist the patient will be guided through techniques and strategies to manage their fear.  

The treatment gradually increases patients’ exposure to scenarios that they would usually avoid by immersing them into their specific phobia environment. During therapy sessions, patients will experience three-dimensional, computer-generated environments created by Psious, a VR platform for psychology and mental health.  

How does it work? 

A free pair of VR goggles will be sent to patients and sessions will be delivered remotely under the guidance of a qualified Vita Health Group therapist.    

  1. Initial 60-minute assessment will be offered to discuss the phobia and treatment options.   
  2. Following this assessment, the patient will have standard CBT with chosen sessions using VR. 

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