Why it’s time to book a massage


Release tension caused by working from home

If you have been working from home, you may not have the best ergonomic set up or you may be working longer days than you did before. Your shoulders, back and neck are often the victims of this and you may be noticing some increased soreness or tension.

Release stress

You may have encountered more stress than usual. Possibly taking in a lot more stress during this crisis, protecting yourself, your family, your business or protecting your employees too.

A human body is only designed for a certain amount of stress. Staying active and eating healthy is an important way to help you manage. A massage can also be an effective way to help manage your stresses, both physical and mental.

Me time

It is likely you have not enjoyed a lot of Me-Time during the past year. Dealing with home-school, working from home, or working double shifts in essential jobs.  Everyone deserves a little me-time. To get pampered, relax and release your mind. A massage is a great way to help recover from all this.

Our massage therapist will tailor your individual needs using a wide range of hands-on techniques aimed to relieve tension and help restore function throughout the body. They will also include advise on exercise, lifestyle to promote health and well-being in the long term to prevent further injury.

Our massage therapist Sarah Cue will be back at our Crystal Palace from April 19th. Contact us here to make an appointment

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