* Top Tips for Better Running *  
Improve your running style, strength and speed and stay injury free.

• Land with a slightly flexed knee. A straight knee increases the impact on landing and the braking forces as your foot strikes the ground.  A softer landing with slight knee flexion helps reduce this.

• Avoid Over-striding as this tends to increase the amount of knee extension. In general, the knee should be flexed on landing, in line with the ankle.

• A Cadence of around 170-190 steps per minute is deemed as average. However, it is important to note that everyone is individual, and there may be a variation between each runner. Increasing your cadence by 5-10% may reduce any over-stride.

• Breathing should be relaxed, as should both of your shoulders. This is to avoid any tension in the arms and hands, which may affect how they swing and cause excessive rotation or sway of the upper back.

• Strength training. It is a good idea to incorporate some strength training into any running programme focusing on glutes and functional trunk strength, which helps prevent injury to the hips, knees, and back.

• Buy Comfortable shoes from a specialist running shop. Try not to be tempted by the latest or greatest, choose the trainers that feel more comfortable with adequate support and cushioning for your running style, environment and quantity.

• Schedule your running rather than trying to fit it in when you can, especially in the Winter months.

• Follow a recognised running Programme matched to your current fitness and running goals, to help you focus and avoid over or under training.

• Enjoy it! Running is a great way to get fit and healthy but socially can be a fantastic too! Find a willing running partner or joint a local running club.

• Come and see one of our Specialist Running Experts. Our team of running physiotherapists will assess your injury history, biomechanics and running style to give you advice on how to improve your running, stay injury free and get better results.

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