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Gift Vouchers

Days are getting shorter and whiter, so with the jingle of Christmas bells in the air why not treat someone this year with a *Gift Voucher* for one of our Massage Services?  Our expert massage therapists offer the highest level of Sports & Remedial MassagePregnancy and Deep Tissue Massage.

Loyalty  Card

If you have regular treatments then have a reward on us! Collect your *Loyalty Card* from Reception and after 6 stamps you will receive 50% Offyour next 30 min treatment (or 25% Off 60 min treatments).

T&C’s apply, please see below or speak to one of our Reception Team before purchase.  Offers available at Crystal PalaceMottingham and OrpingtonClinics.

More About Massage

What is Soft Tissue Massage?

Soft Tissue Massage is the manipulation or movement of muscle and connective ‘soft’ tissues, using various techniques by our expertly trained manual therapists. Through stimulation, relaxation and rejuvenation of the muscles and nerves; it can have a positive effect on the whole body, equilibrium and wellbeing. Massage is popular for athletes and sportspeople, as well as those with office or manual jobs, sedentary lifestyles and longstanding problems.

What are the Benefits of Soft Tissue Massage?

It can help to:

 Reduce your pain

 Reduce your anxiety or depression

 Improve your circulation

 Improve your flexibility

 Improve your healing after injury

 Assist your preparation before sport

 Assist your recovery after sport

What Soft Tissue Massage treatments do you offer?

Sports & Remedial Massage

Uses a range of therapeutic techniques for the prevention, recognition and treatment of injuries. Depending on the stage and severity of your injury, the therapist uses various techniques, to improve your muscle function, rehabilitation, aid the healing process and return you back to full fitness.

Deep Tissue Massage

Helps focus on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as the neck, shoulders, lower back, gluteal and legs.  It will also help with joint mobility and can aid recovery from injury and surgery. Massage strokes are applied slowly, pressure is deep and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

Pregnancy Massage

Is an excellent therapy during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, especially as prescribed pain relief is limited and the demands and changes to the body during this time are high. It is important for the mothers bodyto be positioned and supported during the massage, using specialist pillows and padding.  Proper positioning ensures comfort and safety for mother and baby, so you feel reassured and relaxed throughout the treatment.  There are many benefits to receiving regular massage treatment.  It will reduce swelling in the arms and legs, ease symptoms of muscle strain and joint pain, especially through the pelvis, lumbar spine and shoulder areas.  Pregnancy massage has also been found to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression and improve sleep quality.

Please Contact Us for further information, speak to a Specialist and to book.

Terms & Conditions

Massage Gift Vouchers

Available at Crystal PalaceMottingham and Orpington Clinics.

CPPG massage vouchers are available for 30 minute slots

A voucher for a 1 hour massage will cost the same as a 1 hour massage, but will be presented as 2 x 30 minute vouchers

To redeem the voucher just present it to the reception team when paying for your appointment

Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the purchase date and the expiry date is noted on the voucher, ticket stub and within our booking system.

Although every effort will be made to allow a patient to still redeem the voucher, CPPG cannot be held responsible for lost vouchers.

Vouchers are only redeemable against Massage appointments and cannot be exchanged for the monetary value.

Massage Loyalty Cards

Using your Loyalty Card:

Available at Crystal PalaceMottingham and Orpington Clinics.

Loyalty Cards are based on 30 minutes massage appointment (e.g. 2 stamps for a 1 hour appointment).

Redeeming your discount: Once all the stamps have been filled the Loyalty Card entitles the holder to 1 half price 30 minute massage.  Alternatively one full card can be redeemed against an hour massage and would be equal to a 25% discount.  Multiple filled cards can be used at the same time to increase the discount.

Please Contact Us for further information.

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