CPPG continues support for new athletic talent


We are proud to continue our specialist sports physiotherapy and wellbeing support to the GLL Sport Foundation (GSF) sponsored athletes of 2019.  The search for the new athletic talent of 2019 is on – aspiring athletes should visit GSF website for detail.

GLL Sport Foundation (GSF) is a national programme that supports local athletic talent to compete at the highest level and ultimately towards International events.  CPPG has a longstanding relationship with GSF, providing physiotherapy support to their athletes who benefit from fast diagnosis and treatment to minimise the impact of injury upon their training and competition goals.

  • >3,000 athletes are set to be supported by GSF in 2019
  • 70% of GSF sponsored athletes were under 21 years old last year in 2018
  • 73 UK areas are covered by GSF sponsorship, supporting local athletes
  • 33 Olympic and Paralympic medals have been won by GSF athletes over 10 years of support

“GSF supports athletes across 73 areas of the UK via financial support, physiotherapy, a ‘Better’ Gym membership and more.  In 2019, GLL is investing over £1.6 million into the development of local athletes who aspire to follow in the footsteps of athletes such as Susie Rodgers, Dina Asher-Smith and Lutalo Muhammad.

Double Olympic Taekwondo medallist Lutalo Muhammad explained:

“GLL is a fantastic organisation paving the way for ordinary young people like myself to compete at the highest level.  When I first started to compete internationally GLL was my only source of funding and I can sincerely say but for GLL, I would not have transitioned from a skinny kid that loved sport to an Olympic medallist, I’ll never forget the help I received.

“I am now focussed on Tokyo to complete my medal set and I am proud to be a GLL Sport Foundation ambassador now and into the future”.

Over its 10 years, the GLL Sport Foundation support has yielded 33 Olympic and Paralympic medals for GSF athletes over its 10 years. Athletes can apply for support in 2019 at  www.gllsportfoundation.org

Read more about CPPG-GSF sponsored athletes and how physiotherapy has helped their athletic career 

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