Mental Health
Corporate Services

Clinical Expertise

Our Corporate Mental health team is led by our Clinical Director for Mental Health and our Clinical Lead for Mental Health supported by Vita Health Groups Quality Assurance and Safety Steering Group. Our work is supported by robust clinical governance and we are committed to providing our patients with a service that leads to healthier, happier lives. 

Individual and service performance is monitored using clinical outcomes, contract service level agreements and equally important user experience feedback. Our stepped care model takes into account a wide range of factors and allows us to help people from all walks of life lead happier lives.

Our team consist of a range of experienced and qualified therapists and clinicians:

Psychological therapists

Psychological therapists are trained mental health professionals who can help people to deal with problems that significantly interfere with their lives. Some psychological therapists in our service are trained as clinical or counselling psychologists, some as counsellors or psychotherapists and some as cognitive behavioural therapists. All of our therapists are accredited with their professional bodies and are committed to improving health and happiness.

Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

Our team of Psychological well-being practitioners have all undergone the nationally recognised and accredited post-graduate diploma in Low intensity (Step 2) Cognitive Behaviour Therapies

The self-help materials may be in the form of leaflets or booklets, or available online. You will have a choice about whether you wish to access a self-help programme on a computer. All online material is bespeaking to you, has a large library on content which you can access via an app, phone, PC or Tablet and you will have access to all your material for 12 months.

Our practitioners will guide you through the programme, whether paper-based or computer-based and help you with any difficulties that may arise.



Our Counsellors are all BACP Registered or Accredited and work in accordance with the BACP ethical framework. We provide wellbeing counselling for psychological distress relating to stress, relationship issues and bereavement.



We have a national network of consultant psychiatrists who either work or have worked as consultant psychiatrists in the NHS. They are all on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council.

All our clinicians receive clinical supervision and clinical case management in line with best practice and regulatory requirements.

We provide a safe, supportive environment for our team to enable them to flourish in their roles. We believe that a happy and professional developed workforce ensures that excellent treatment and customer service is provided to every person who enters our service.

Our family and friends test ensures that each person is treated in the same way that our clinicians would want a loved one member to be treated.