Corporate Mental Health

Stepped Model of Care

Vita Health Group views our mental health as being equally important as our physical health. Leading a healthy life requires balancing physical, emotional, and mental health and our holistic approach and diverse set of treatments consider every angle.

All individuals experience mental health and at varying times in their lives. With the right support, we can ensure that employees are supported with their mental health to lead happier lives that balance their emotional, physical, and mental health.

Our integrated services within mental health spans supporting wellness and good mental health with a modern, governed (EAP) service through to the right clinical intervention.

Prevention is better than cure but where this isn’t possible the earlier you address a concern the better. Our early identification and intervention are key to ensuring that treatment can be provided in the least invasive and most timely way.

For our business and organisational customers who have engaged Vita Health Group as their EAP provider, Steps 1 – 2 are delivered as part of our confidential EAP service.

We are currently the only EAP provider to offer services that comply with the  NICE Guidelines for the treatment of diagnosable mental health conditions, in that we have an established and modularised cCBT Guided Self-Help platform (with over 40 targeted modules) supported by telephonic sessions with a mental health practitioner (Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP)).

These formats are included within our standard service so that we can treat issues such as depression and anxiety in-line with the best practice rather than just support symptom management like other providers.

Step 1:

Enhancement, early identification and intervention

Working with organisations to ensure that services are in place to identify the most appropriate pathway for individuals, ensuring rapid access to clinically appropriate provision,  whether within Vita Health Group or NHS services. Includes structured wellbeing counselling services or coaching both provided by our EAP team.

Step 2:

Mild / Moderate mental ill health

This treatment step specifically targets those who have started to experience symptoms of mental ill health and fall within the mild – moderate category. It is based on a supported and guided, self- help model in line with Department of Health Evidence-based Guidance on Depression and Anxiety and presents an innovative approach to addressing mental health issues in the workplace.

Step 3:

Moderate / Severe mental ill health

This treatment step provides a higher intensity level of treatment with more senior and specialist qualified psychological therapists and Mental Health Practitioners. This step targets those who present with a more moderate – severe level of mental ill health. Treatment can be delivered in person via telephone, secure video-link or face to face dependent upon clinical need and individual choice.

Step 4:

Complex mental ill health

This treatment step is for those individuals presenting with more complex mental ill health, often requiring a specialist multi-disciplinary approach which may include one of the following:

Specialist psychological therapy

Consultant Psychiatrist assessment

Neuro-psychological assessment


Corporate Mental Health Services

Employee Assistance Programme

Vita Health Group’s EAP, previously branded as Workplace Wellness, has been a leading provider of EAP services in the UK for over 30 years and we are extremely experienced in supporting all types of organisations.

Mental Health Treatment Services

Vita Health Group has delivered Psychological Therapy Services for over 10 years and across a broad range of industries, achieving exceptional recovery and return to work rates. We have a unique insight into our patients’ needs. We consider life and its foibles and concerns from every angle to offer a complete service that benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mental Health Expert Assessment

A Mental Health Expert Assessment is required for any client entering our occupationally focussed full mental health services. Clients may be referred from our EAP service team or referred directly from Occupational Health or HR professionals.

Experience and Excellence

Vita Health Group is an award-winning specialist for Mental Health. We are fully accredited and deliver practice in accordance with NICE guidelines and robust clinical governance. This structure has allowed us to create a unique, holistic approach that uses a stepped model of care.

Vita Health Group’s differentiating proposition in mental health is our positive, responsive and cost-effective approach to delivering tailored support and early, evidence-based interventions. We work across the mental health continuum with a specialist occupational focus designed to help get to the root of the concern, not just the symptoms.

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