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Here at Vita Health Group, our education and training focuses on creating a workplace which proactively encourages managers to support and employees to thrive.

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Mental Health Advocacy

Provide employees with the skills needed to help someone struggling with their mental health.

Learn why it’s important to attend to mental health at work and build the confidence and skills to step in and help someone in distress. Explore common mental health conditions, self-harm and suicide, and understand where to signpost for additional support.

Course time:

Two days

Delivery method:

Face-to-face & Webinar

Price (12 delegates)

Virtual – £2000 for F2F – £2,000

Mental Health Advocacy Fast-track

This 1-day CPD UK accredited course is designed for those that have already completed some form of mental health awareness training in the past (such as Mental Health First Aid).

This course builds on delegate’s existing knowledge-base and enables then to become Mental Health Advocates. All key content in the 2-day Mental Health Advocacy course is covered, but at a faster pace

Course time:

Full day

Delivery method:

Face-to-face & Webinar

Price (12 delegates)

Virtual – £1000 for F2F – £1,195

Mental Health Advocacy Supervision Support sessions

The purpose of the monthly 60-minute supervision session is to provide a supportive safe space for your Mental Health Advocates.

his time is their time to bring thoughts, ideas or discussions surrounding their role and the support they have provided to colleagues. This will allow the opportunity for reflection and guidance along with a chance to learn from fellow MHA’s and share invaluable ideas and experiences.

Course time:

60 mins

Delivery method:

Face-to-face & Webinar

Price (6 delegates)

Virtual – £250
F2F – £445

Mental Health Awareness

This course is designed to raise awareness and normalise mental health conditions.

Delegates will understand why and how they can help their colleagues with mental health conditions and be clear on what their responsibilities and boundaries are.

They will understand factors that contribute to work-related stress and recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions.

Course time:

3 hrs

Delivery method:

Face-to-face & Webinar

Price (12 delegates)

Virtual – £600
F2F – £795

Free Yourself From Worry

This 60-minute webinar/seminar is an interactive and educational
introduction to worry, self-awareness and self-control.

Delegates will
come away with new skills, knowledge and a better understanding of
how to manage worry that they’ll be able to implement straight away
in their work and personal life.

By focusing on personal stress prevention techniques, approaches
and behaviours, delegates will have the capacity to face up to challenges that they may find worrying or threatening with
minimal impact to their well-being.

We always encourage delegate
participation with open questions and group discussion, and for online audiences we use response software throughout the session to optimise interaction and engagement.

60 Minutes

Virtual £250
F2F £445

Managing Stress & Building Resilience

This multi-session package of support provides in-depth insight into managing stress and building resilience.

These sessions are designed to ensure delegates have an understanding of
what stress is, how stress can impact on our wellbeing along
with providing an understanding and de-mystifying any myths surrounding what it means to be resilient.

These sessions provide the skills both to support those around us along with providing
a ‘toolbox’ of skills and strategies to both recognise and manage stress alongside building resilience for the delegates themselves.

Attendees will be able to take away and continuously implement these tools into their day to day lives providing a lasting impact
from the course.

Course time:

3 x 3 hours

Delivery method:

Webinar for F2F


15 Delegates

Virtual £1,500
F2F £2085

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