Vita Health Group can complete an in-depth, one-to-one DSE assessment for employees where it is felt that their workstation is contributing to their condition. All assessments are completed by chartered physiotherapists or sports rehabilitators.

Work Station Assessments

These professionals will assess the employee’s workstation, make immediate changes where possible, and provide a detailed report to their employer identifying not only the problems identified but what exactly was modified during the assessment.

We will also make sensible recommendations on how to improve things further if required, such as additional or alternative equipment. Robust and objective measures identify where and how likely employees are to develop musculoskeletal disorders.

Virtual DSE

Vita Health understands that agile home working is creating a new dynamic for the workplace. People work from home, the office, and other remote locations. As such managing working populations require different and flexible approaches.  Our response to support this situation is to offer high-quality remote services whilst maintaining our personal and expert approach to delivery. The following support solutions are based on listening to our customers’ needs:

It is imperative that best practice advice is provided in regard to agile working. Many remote workers will find themselves using a computer for a large proportion of the day. Poor home office/space design and layout can contribute to injuries and illness while correct chair height, adequate equipment spacing, and good desk posture can help you stay comfortable and healthy.

Vita Health Group offers Virtual Workstation Consultations to observe and analyse the remote working environment; delivering advice and education on optimum setup, targeted exercises for Musculoskeletal discomfort, and practical advice on reducing the risk of symptoms associated with prolonged Display Screen Equipment use. This service is a must for remote work especially with so many people in the UK choosing to work from home for safety and convenience.

Simple basic changes that can make a significant difference to individuals wellbeing; keyboards, mousepads, lighting, chair options, posture. We will work with the equipment that the person has a home and can be guided by an organisations ability to provide additional/ alternative equipment options.

Our 30-minute workstation assessments are best conducted via smartphones or tablets allows us to understand the facilities and home environment.


Virtual assessments are conducted using our bespoke Vita Health App which can be accessed via phone, pc or tablet.  Every client is given 12 months access to the app that offers tailored preventative exercise plans and gives individuals tools to support their own best wellbeing outcomes whilst working at home.

We are committed to helping our patients lead healthier, happier lives through specialised treatments that get to the root of your concerns. Book your consultation now or contact our sales team for further details


Corporate Physical Health Services

Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Our Onsite Service aims to reduce your organisation’s associated costs of MSK sickness absence, through an Occupational Physiotherapy Service that supports and assists your employee’s back to work, as quickly and safely as possible.

Vehicle Assessments

Driving position can be a risk factor in the development of musculoskeletal disorders, and as remote working increases, it is important that this is not overlooked.

Ergonomic Consultancy

Identifying problems before they occur is not only a moral obligation but can also result in significant financial savings.

Experience and Excellence

Our evidence-based stepped-care approach for common musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions optimises return to work and makes a real difference to people’s lives by reducing symptoms and restoring function. Our goal, as ever, is to help our patients lead happier, healthier lives.

Our MSK service is one of the few accredited by SEQOHS. Vita Health Group aligns with NICE guidelines and uses a bio-psychosocial approach with integrated case management and a fully work-focused occupational health management plan.

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