Vita Health Group is a leading provider of injury management and rehabilitation solutions for industry and insurance. Our service combines virtual and face to face programmes with the latest App based digital technology as well as a nationwide network of quality assured clinics and onsite physiotherapy to provide the best possible patient journey and outcomes.

Our Onsite Service aims to reduce your organisation’s associated costs of MSK sickness absence, through an Occupational Physiotherapy Service that supports and assists your employee’s back to work, as quickly and safely as possible.

Onsite physiotherapy

Vita can provide physiotherapy services at your location allowing your employees to receive a comprehensive range of both preventative and reactive treatments at their workplace.

With a focus on early access, diagnosis and treatment of MSK conditions, Vita’s onsite physiotherpay services will minimise the impact on your organisation

How it works

We belive that each client is different. We will work with you to assess your requirements and recommend the best solution for you and your employees.

  • Delivery of an onsite service at your Organisation, and/or off-site, through our network of Physiotherapists throughout the U.K.
  • Physiotherapy that consists of advice, exercises and self-management, with ‘hands-on’ treatment where appropriate
  • Identification of barriers to return to work, and return to work programmes
  • Regular communication with OH team members, Line Managers and HR
  • MSK Education and training sessions with OH team members, Line Managers and HR

Delivering results and ROI

of employees reported their symptoms improved
of employees on sickness absence returned to work
average return on investment of £3.17 per £1 invested
overall customer satisfaction score
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Corporate Physical Health Services


Vita Health Group provides National Coverage for Physiotherapy Treatment via a network of over 850 quality assured clinics. The clinics are audited against their facilities and use of evidence-based practice.

Vehicle Assessments

Driving position can be a risk factor in the development of musculoskeletal disorders, and as remote working increases, it is important that this is not overlooked.

Functional Restoration Programme - Longer Term Chronic Conditions/Absence

Our Functional Restoration Programmes (FRP) are for those individuals who experience persistent or chronic musculoskeletal conditions, such as lower back pain.

Experience and Excellence

Our evidence-based stepped-care approach for common musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions optimises return to work and makes a real difference to people’s lives by reducing symptoms and restoring function. Our goal, as ever, is to help our patients lead happier, healthier lives.

Our MSK service is one of the few accredited by SEQOHS. Vita Health Group aligns with NICE guidelines and uses a bio-psychosocial approach with integrated case management and a fully work-focused occupational health management plan.

Vita is an award-winning, CQC registered healthcare provider