Guided Self-Management

Current best practice suggests that where possible patients should be assessed for serious symptomology. In the absence of such, patients should be reassured and provided with up to date practical advice as per the Vita Health Group Clinical Evidence Guide. It is our experience that in providing an early intervention telephone triage service to Corporate Clients, typically 30% of cases can be self-managed with the employee receiving ongoing guidance and support on how to manage their own condition. This often leads to recovery without the need to progress to face-to-face treatment.

For employees

Self-Management Guidance

For employees, where self-management guidance is deemed appropriate, a specific advice and exercise programme will be selected and issued to the employee via Vita Health Group App (screenshots above), email or post (colleagues’ preference) along with any relevant evidence-based advice packs and necessary equipment as appropriate.

The advice which is administered is again based on best practice. The emphasis is on the following aims:

  1. Reassure, that no serious medical issue is present
  2. De-medicalise by avoiding using unhelpful and inaccurate terms such as “disc bulges”
  3. Provide support, by giving practical advice on activity and symptom control
The Vita Health Group app

Assist Recovery

The Vita Health Group app provides video exercises to assist recovery prescribed by the Vita Health Group Physiotherapist to ensure the employee knows exactly what exercises to do, how to do them correctly and for how long.

Exercises can also be accessed online with a unique link or Printed PDFs can still also be sent should that be a preference.  The app provides compliance monitoring outcome measurement allowing our physios to support and feedback in ‘real-time’ to monitor recovery closely and provide support or progression exactly when needed.

The app also provides motivation and support on a very personal basis helping colleagues build their rehabilitation plan into their day to day lives.

The Physio who undertook the assessment will follow up the patient to ensure progress is expedited and recovery is maximised. Ongoing telephone support enables a collaborative and sustainable approach to recovery working towards the colleague’s (and referrer’s) goals.

Our webchat service provides motivation and support on a very personal basis as and when it is needed. Providing support and feedback in ‘real-time’ allows clients to ask questions or check progress with a clinician at the point of need. It also allows clinicians to alter the pathway of care if required, without delay. The App also allows for bespoke preventative campaigns to be directed to specific employee populations. Our systems have been developed with the patient’s needs in mind. Everything we do is designed to improve your life physically, emotionally, and mentally, and help you lead a healthier, happier life.


Corporate Physical Health Service


Vita Health Group provides National Coverage for Physiotherapy Treatment via a network of over 850 quality assured clinics. The clinics are audited against their facilities and use of evidence-based practice.

Occupational Health Physiotherapy (On-site)

Our Onsite Service aims to reduce your organisation’s associated costs of MSK sickness absence, through an Occupational Physiotherapy Service that supports and assists your employee’s back to work, as quickly and safely as possible.

Ergonomic Consultancy

Identifying problems before they occur is not only a moral obligation but can also result in significant financial savings.

Experience and Excellence

Our evidence-based stepped-care approach for common musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions optimises return to work and makes a real difference to people’s lives by reducing symptoms and restoring function. Our goal, as ever, is to help our patients lead happier, healthier lives.

Our MSK service is one of the few accredited by SEQOHS. Vita Health Group aligns with NICE guidelines and uses a bio-psychosocial approach with integrated case management and a fully work-focused occupational health management plan.

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