Swim Safety Rules

Please see the below set of rules for the site:

  • Listen to the lifeguards
    • Please listen to our qualified lifeguards. They’re experienced, trained and here to ensure everyone has a fun but safe time.
  • Tummy troubles
    • Please do not swim if you have had an upset stomach within the last two weeks.
  • Wait after eating
    • Avoid swimming within two hours of eating or if you are under the influence of alcohol, medication, or anything else.
  • Wear appropriate clothing
    • All swimmers must wear clean swimwear – cut-off jeans and other improvised costumes are not allowed. Please follow our ‘what to wear’ guide below on appropriate swimwear or speak to a member of staff for advice.
  • Remember to shower
    • Please remember to shower before and after you swim.


  • What will happen on the day?

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your class time to allow appropriate time to change and shower before entering the pool. When you arrive, you will be greeted by the pool reception, please let them know your name and that you have an Aquatic Therapy class with Vita Health Group, and they will sign you in. The clinicians will wait poolside to greet you for the class.

  • How long will the class last?

    The class will run for up to 45 minutes, you may be asked questions relevant to your current function on your first and last class to monitor your progress.

  • Will I be given exercises at home?

    All patients referred to the class are unable to tolerate land-based exercise, it is important to maintain general physical outside of the class to aid recovery. If you have seen a clinician prior to starting the class, they would provide you with land-based exercises that you are welcome to complete at home if comfortable to do so.

What to wear

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