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  • A Triage Team will screen all Musculoskeletal (MSK) referrals against evidence based criteria, dismissing any clinical red flags (i.e. whether they require urgent medical attention) and assessing the individual’s psychosocial response to their MSK injury.
  • Following referral, individual’s have the option to discuss their problem with a Physiotherapist at a pre-booked telephone appointment.
  • An assessment is made using questions designed to establish a provisional diagnosis and screen for any non-MSK conditions. Advice is given to the patient, supplemented with bespoke information which is dispatched the same day by post/email.
  • The service would maintain regular contact with the individual, to ensure progress is being made, with a face-to-face referral always remaining an option.


  • Patients would receive earlier intervention. By tackling MSK problems earlier on, the likelihood of them becoming long lasting is reduced. Accessing intervention at the earliest point will allow self management and treatment to begin efficiently and reduce the likelihood of progression from an acute to a chronic problem.
  • A reduction in the need for ‘face to face’ Physiotherapy appointments.
  • This earlier intervention improves health and well-being and results in a reduction in absence and associated related costs.


We deliver a range of NHS Physical (Musculoskeletal) Health services

Group Exercise Classes

Recovering from injury often requires a real commitment from patients. Group Exercise Classes are small rehabilitation groups that are specifically designed to deal with common injuries or conditions that patients experience.

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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health profession concerned with improving the way you move and enhancing your quality of life, by giving you the most suitable treatment for an injury or condition.

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Health and Wellbeing Programs

Our health and wellbeing programme is divided into three sections to address the three aspects of health and wellbeing (physical, psychological and social wellbeing).

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MCATS stands for Musculoskeletal Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service. It is provided as part of an overall Musculoskeletal Pathway and effectively screens patients so they can be seen by the right clinician/service at the right time.

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Podiatry, also known as Chiropody, is a health profession that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions that occur in the feet and lower legs.

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