New Virtual Reality needle phobia treatment to tackle Covid-19 jab fears

Residents who are registered with a GP and live in Basildon & Brentwood or Kent & Medway can receive a FREE NHS needle phobia treatment plan using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. 

Supported by a Vita therapist throughout, the treatment will guide the patient through techniques and strategies to manage needle fears in readiness for a Covid vaccination.  

How does it work? 

free pair of VR goggles will be provided and sessions will be delivered remotely under the guidance of a qualified Vita therapist.  

  1. Initial 45-minute assessment will be offered to discuss needle phobia and treatment options. 
  2. Following this assessment, 3 x 60-minute sessions will be offered at home using a VR headset. 
  3. Booster session can be arranged prior to vaccine date. 

Get in touch

If you feel that you would benefit from this new treatment then you can self-refer by calling us on the options below:

Basildon & Brentwood: 01268 977171

Calderdale: 0333 0153 494

Derby & Derbyshire: 0333 0153 496

Kent & Medway: 0333 0153 495

I had my vaccine!

“I was still very anxious and my medication hadn’t kicked in as I was called in early, but I tried to count my anxiety walking in, and it didn’t get much above 7/10.

Prior to VR treatment I would not of even felt able to walk into a clinic.  I was able to use the breathing exercises I had been shown which helped too. What was strange was I saw the syringe briefly in the nurse’s hand as she made a first attempt, and it felt comforting (!?) which was really strange, but it brought to mind the images from the VR and after that I was able to let the nurse attempt to give me the vaccine again, this time I watched the syringe come from behind the nurses back towards my arm and after that I didn’t look. My anxiety was only a 4/10.

I knew I could do it when I saw that image as it brought to mind the VR, it was like I had been here before. Not once did I feel the need to leave, using numbers as I had been shown really helped me rate my levels of anxiety and I was determined to see this through”.


Linda from Brentwood, Essex.

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