Returning to work

  • Promotion of practical support gained from IAPT therapy, enabling in-work coping strategies
  • Inclusion of Occupational Health and GP support (recognising Statement of Fitness) to highlight areas of concern
  • Setting realistic goals whilst off work
  • Support in sustaining existing employment
  • Engagement with employers to design and implement phased return to work plans, inclusive of mental health needs and which promote sustainable employment
  • Support to prepare for and attend meetings and reviews in the workplace to maintain focus on mental health
  • Advice and support on reasonable adjustment options within the workplace
  • Assistance with ‘Access to Work’ applications
  • Complimentary approach combining existing mechanisms including Employee Assistance Programmes, Access to Work, ACAS, local HR policies, and Wellness- Recovery-Action-Plans e.t.c.
  • Advice on practical approaches to prevent future mental health related sickness and absenteeism
  • Exploration of disclosing information to employers including health conditions where necessary

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