Vita Health Group helped one lady eliminate the chronic back pain that was ruining her life.


Louise suffered for years with debilitating back pain. That is until she joined an employee physio programme with the physical health specialists at Vita Health Group.

Louise (not her real name), 52, suffered with a debilitating back problem for some time. Everyday activities, such as driving, often left Louise in agony. She would regularly experience pins and needles in her arms and legs from the simplest of movements like sitting on the sofa or walking a short distance to the shops.

The problem, which was put down to the general wear and tear of the lower back, had a profound impact on Louise’s work and home life.
Over the years, Louise sought her own medical help to try and ease the pain but the treatment she received failed to give her the long-term relief she was looking for.

“I felt like I was going round in circles and was never able to achieve any long term relief.”

Louise explained, “I’ve seen so many physiotherapists over the years and paid a lot of money to try and get my back sorted.
I would generally feel OK for a few days after treatment but then my back would flare-up again and the symptoms would return with a vengeance. I felt like I was going round in circles and was never able to achieve any long term relief.”

Sleeping also became a big problem for Louise. As well as the impact on her physical health, the chronic pain, which was often debilitating, also became a mental challenge.

In August 2021, Louise found a solution that changed her life. Supported by her employer, Louise was referred to the physical health specialists at Vita Health Group at the earliest opportunity.

Over an eight week period of treatment, Louise’s lower back pain and the pins and needles she was experiencing in her arms
and legs, completely subsided.

Talking about her treatment, Louise said, “The starting point of my treatment with Vita Health Group was a one-to-one assessment. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, my assessment took place via a video call. It was an unusual time, but the physiotherapist made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. He was fantastic and clearly talked me through each step of the process as he assessed my movement, my body and my pain in different positions.”

After the initial assessment, the physiotherapist signposted Louise onto
a programme where she attended two virtual, group sessions a week. The first of the sessions was focused on physical health and the second was on wellbeing and lifestyle.

Louise continued, “During the exercise sessions, the physiotherapist talked us through and demonstrated a number of stretches and movements – some standing up and some lying down. Although everyone in the session had similar issues, some people had more pain and discomfort than others. Even in the group setting, the physiotherapist was able to tailor the exercises to each individual and always ensured everyone felt comfortable and able to participate.”

Throughout the programme, Vita Health Group’s physiotherapists gave Louise solutions and advice that would prove
to be game-changers in her pain journey,
“A chronic pain in my arm would often prevent me from sleeping. The physiotherapist analysed my sleeping position and suggested I try using an extra pillow to cushion and support my arm. After a couple of nights, the pain in my arm had completely disappeared. It was so simple and yet so effective. It drastically improved my sleep – it was extraordinary actually.”

Attending the physiotherapy sessions helped Louise to regain her life. The movements and activities she once found impossible or a struggle, she can now do with ease.

“I cannot get over how much those physio sessions with the team at Vita Health Group helped me.”

Louise has been equipped with the tools and solutions to live and work pain-free. She said, “Living with such a chronic condition can be emotionally draining and frustrating. I cannot get over how much those physio sessions with the team at Vita Health Group helped me. Basic adjustments like changing the height of my computer screen and ensuring I get up and walk regularly have helped me immensely. I now sit and work comfortably with no pain and without fear of my arms and legs going numb – it’s a world away from how I felt before the treatment.”

Lower back pain used to prevent Louise from joining in with family life. Speaking about this, Louise said, “My son plays a lot of football and rugby. When my back was really bad, I wasn’t able to stand on the sidelines and watch him. But now I can.”

“It’s tricky to explain how difficult it is to experience life with the type of pain and symptoms that prevent you from moving around freely. To be honest, it’s hard to express how thankful I am to the physiotherapists. They taught me exercises that I can do anywhere, anytime, all using aids and supports that you’d find around the house. What I’ve learnt is that little tweaks and changes can go a long way. I tell everyone how much working with Vita Health Group has helped me, and how much it can help them, too.”

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