Vita Health Group goes live with new risk, quality and compliance platform


Vita Health Group has rolled out risk, quality and compliance software provider Radar Healthcare across its 40+ services and specialities locations.

Dedicated to making people better by providing integrated physical and mental health services to employers, insurers, the NHS and private service users , Vita Health Group work with some of the UK’s largest companies to support their workforce and provide a full range of mental and physical healthcare  services.

With more than 90,000 people cared for, 450,000 appointments delivered and 1,100 therapists and health workers, the partnership with Radar Healthcare provides Vita Health Group with a digital platform for risk, quality and compliance. Essential activities such as audits, actions, regular tasks and event reporting can all be captured digitally, freeing up time for health workers to do what they do best – provide the best quality of care for people in our care.

The system also allows everyone across the group to gather data on themes and trends in order to improve outcomes and shape how future care is provided. And the fully integrated analytics platform allows Vita Health Group to demonstrate robust standards to regulators across all regulated services.

Yvonne Attwell, Director of Governance and Quality at Vita Health Group said: “The partnership with Radar Healthcare has been a significant step forward for Vita Health Group. With the rollout of this digital platform, we now have the tools to capture essential activities such as audits, actions, regular tasks, event reporting and shared learning digitally in one platform. This removes the need for manual tasks making governance processes more efficient and streamlined. It also increases valuable time for our healthcare colleagues to focus on providing the best quality care for all our service users.”

She further explained the benefits of the system, stating, “The platform’s integrated analytics feature allows us to gather data on themes and trends, which empowers us to continuously improve outcomes and shape the future of healthcare provision. Additionally, the ability to demonstrate robust standards to regulators across all of our locations ensures that we maintain the highest levels of business compliance and quality.”

Yvonne highlighted the value of technology in healthcare, stating, “Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of healthcare services. We are proud to work with Radar Healthcare, whose platform not only facilitates seamless remote access to regulatory processes across all locations but also aligns with our mission of making people better through integrated physical and mental health services. The smooth process of going live with the new platform has been promising, and we look forward to collaborating with everyone across Vita Health Group to further enhance the care we provide.”

Radar Healthcare CEO Paul Johnson said: “We’re proud that Vita Health Group has chosen to partner with Radar Healthcare. Our platform brings all regulatory processes into one system that can be accessed remotely across all locations and provides the constant visibility required to monitor both internal and external regulatory standards.

“Technology makes such a difference to the quality of healthcare, and we share the values of Vita Health Group who work with individuals and organisations alike to support and improve lives. We’re excited that the process to go live has gone smoothly and looking forward to working with everyone across Vita Health Group.”

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