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Overactive Bladder Syndrome (OBS) is a very common problem, about 1 in 6 people have it.

What is OBS?

It is when the bladder contracts when you don’t want it to and it makes you suddenly need the toilet.
This often happens when the bladder is not full and leads to increased frequency of passing urine.
People often report having to get up frequently at night to go to the toilet.
The root cause of this frustrating, inconvenient and often embarrassing problem is unknown.

Can it be treated?

Specialist Women’s Health physiotherapy assessment and treatment can help with bladder training techniques and exercises to improve your bladder’s capacity.
This reduces urgency and frequency symptoms.

If you are experiencing the problems of an overactive bladder then please contact us to arrange an assessment.  To contact our specialist directly, please email Sarah Cross.

If you would like to book a women’s health appointment, please contact us:
T: 020 8778 9050           E. enquiries@cppg.co.uk             W. www.cppg.co.uk


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