Setting goals for 2023


Support will be beneficial in your progress

Create accountability – Goals are easy to remove from our focus when we’re the only ones who know about them. Tell friends or family what you’re goals are and the external accountability will keep you on track.

Set reminders – Life is busy and our attention isn’t always focused. Put reminders around the house of what you’re goals are. The fridge, mirror or front door as you leave are some of the best places.

Be the person you want to be – Without self-belief we’ll never achieve what we want. Simply saying to yourself that you’re someone who achieves your goals increases the likelihood of you doing them. For example: ‘I’m someone who goes for daily walks’.

Admire your future self – Similar to the above, what would the person you want to be do in certain situations. Ask yourself this question when you’re in a difficult situation or lacking in confidence.

Measure progress – Write your progress down, no matter how small. Over time we forget how far we’ve come, but looking back at our progress shows us where we started.

Think small, achieve big – If you try to make an improvement every day, no matter how small this will compound over time to a much bigger improvement.

Focus on the process, not outcomes – Outcomes are only achieved as a result of following a process. Wake up each day with your processes in mind, not the outcomes you’re trying to achieve.

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