Parental mental Health


During the September lockdown last year VitaMinds polled 2,000 UK adults across the whole of the UK and found that, in general, men appear to be better versed at dedicating time and resource to looking after their own mental health than women.

Nearly a quarter of men (24%) said that they meditate or practice yoga (compared to 16% of women), 28% say they block out time for themselves (compared to 19% of women) and 20% of men say they seek therapy or speak to someone outside of the family (compared to 10% of women claim the same).

It’s ever so important to make time to look after yourself. Often just taking note of increased stress levels, and actively trying to reduce them, is an integral part of the journey to good mental health.

Think about self-care as a dose of medication for the health of your mind. For instance, if the doctor prescribed you medication for your physical health, you would take it every day wouldn’t you? Self- care is just as important.

Some examples of self-care might include:

  • Doing exercise or physical activity
  • Making sure you have a good sleep pattern
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends
  • Eating healthily
  • Keeping a journal
  • Joining a support group or network
  • Managing your news exposure
  • Sticking to a regular routine

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