Men’s mental health in the workplace: three ways to help


Remember Men’s Mental Health is important all year long.

Here are three ways we can all support the health of our male co-workers at work all year long:

Find the right space

Face-to-face, conversations can often feel intense and intimidating and actually our
new normal of video calls may well be beneficial to those men struggling to open up. The key is finding an environment that’s slightly more relaxed for them to talk. Going for a walk or car journey can also be helpful. Once they do start to open up, let them, listen and be there to support.

Role model behaviours all year round

We should all look to use terminology that demonstrates compassion and care in our workplaces. It is essential to try to create an open dialogue and this will only happen when that person feels safe. Likewise, role modelling these behaviours amongst leaders, both with the language they use and by demonstrating that it is safe to be vulnerable, will help build a culture where men can open up.

Celebrate vulnerability

To tackle the inequality that exists with male mental health in the workplace, it is important that organisations ditch harmful standards of work-life balance and give men space to express their vulnerability. If you are a manager, then don’t be ashamed to speak up. By you coming forward, you may just help someone else.

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