Liven up your desk job


* Long periods sitting at your desk?
* Ache in your neck and shoulders?
* Feel sluggish after a day at work?
* Pain or stiffness when you stand up?

Improve your health and well being at work with our top 5 tips and exercises.

Thinking about your work environment, your posture and the repetitive tasks you do at work is the first step towards improving your physical and mental well being at work.  Introduce micro-breaks, chair stretches and task variation to reduce postural strain.

Harmful effects of sedentary behaviour, such as sitting for over 8 hours are well known but you can do something about it.

Click here to read our advice about Better Working including desk set-up.  

Read more about NHS guidance on Why sitting is bad for your health

Workout at Work 
is part of the CSP’s Move for Health programme, which promotes physical activity.  “Getting active at work can help combat the health-sapping effects of a sedentary job.”

First posted: 18/08/2016

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