Keep mobile during your working day; tiny breaks make a big difference


Tiny breaks make a big change!

It has been shown that pause and stretch breaks can not only reduce the risk of injury but also improve your ability to concentrate throughout your working day. Those who sit for longer durations without taking regular movement breaks have less range of motion

What to consider when thinking about posture? The two biggest things to consider when considering posture:

Duration: Your next posture is you best posture, there is categorically no such thing as a perfect posture, not any one posture is a bad posture it’s just a matter of how long you spend there

Inactivity: Motion is lotion, take regular pause and stretch breaks throughout your working day as often as every 30 minutes for 30 seconds – 5 minutes to aid in reducing symptom alleviation

Bad posture is a posture that is maintained for too long in conjunction with inactivity!

Find a median, find a neutral posture: key tips neutral hips, feet well supported, chest up, elbows at 90 degrees

Importance of ergonomics:

It is important to have a workstation that is comfortable and have equipment set up correctly in addition to taking regular breaks and being mindful of posture

What should I be doing?

Warm up and stretches do not need to be specific ok. Any movement is beneficial, some examples of things you can try are yoga poses, Pilates based movements, animal patterns and mobility exercises. Just move!


Now I understand that we must work and taking regular breaks is at often times challenging however, try working standing, or find a break routine that works for you and be proactive. Go for walks at lunch time and change scenery its also important to optimise your mental health and get some fresh air especially if you’re working from home!

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