Interview with … the sub 2.45 Marathon runner


*Congratulations to Che who ran a new PB time of 2:44:42 placed 540 overall*

Our very own Che Compton will be lining up at the Championship start for the Virgin Money London Marathon this Sunday 24 April, 2016 aiming for a sub 2.45 PB.

Name: Che Compton
Age: 41
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 55kg
Sport: Long distance running
ClubKent Athletics Club

Personal Best (PB’s)
5km is 16.29 in September 2015
10km is from 2014 so I won’t give that one
Half-marathon is 72.18 at Brighton in February 2016
Full marathon is 2.49:00 at the Valencia marathon in November 2015

CPPG: Are you in the Parkrun sub 17:00 club?
CC: Not quite yet, I did run 17.00 at Greenpoint Parkrun in Cape Town in January.  My fastest in England was last Saturday, 17.21 at Crystal Palace.

CPPG: Goals for 2016/17
CC: Sub 2.45 marathon at London is the only real goal

CPPG: ‘Smooth running’. Has your training been going to plan?
CC: With the exception of the last two weeks [Ed. 31 March] very well. Base mileage was built up over December and January, then weekly mileage was built up to 100 mile weeks just before the Brighton Half. The last two weeks have been hindered with calf/shin problems so hoping a short rest rather than a lengthy layoff will sort it out!

CPPG: Favourite run?
CC: Long run from home in Lower Sydenham to Greenwich Park and then the 02 and Thames Barrier, and back. All told about 20 miles.

CPPG: Worst run?
CC: Long run the day after doing the Southern XC at Parliament Hill. Legs were shot to pieces and had nothing in them!

CPPG: Injuries? Major or minor.
CC: Left calf/shin (not sure which, I keep changing my mind!), and plantar fasciitis in the right foot. The calf/shin injury is annoying and stopping me training in the vital last couple of weeks of the training plan, the plantar doesn’t seem to affect me at all (guess I am lucky in that respect).

CPPG: Have you needed to see a physio?
CC: Not yet!

CPPG: ‘Self-talk/mantra’. When it gets really tough what are your strategies to keep going?
CC: Thinking of rehydrating in the pub after. And a Frijj chocolate milk recovery drink.

CPPG: Lucky socks. Any OCD’s or rituals?
CC: Before a big race I have to be as “light” as possible, so wear my lightest running shoes, and weirdly hair/toenails/fingernails have to be cut just so I feel at my lightest!

CPPG: ‘Your body is a temple’. Super foods or fast foods?
CC: Chocolate

CPPG: What is your typical competition/race day nutrition?
CC: 4 Slices of toast/raspberry jam 2 hours before kick off.  Caffeine energy gel and caffeine beetroot drink 25 minutes before the start. For a marathon another energy gel at the half way point.

CPPG: Post-competition/race treat?
CC: As mentioned above chocolate milk and beer!

Date added. 19 April 2016

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