Sustainability in focus: Food sustainability


This months sustainability campaign is all about food sustainability.

Here are a few easy tips on how to become more sustainable at home. Please see the two links below for the free apps mentioned; you can download them for free to help prevent local food waste in your area.

Food sustainability tips

1. Food saving apps

Olio enable users to redistribute food that’s due to expire from supermarkets. Users can also share their own food for others to collect.

tooGoodtoGo allows you to purchase heavily discounted meals from restaurants and takeaways, food that would otherwise go to waste!

2. Use your freezer

You can freeze a surprising amount of food items to stop them from going to waste, just make sure to double check the label on the item. E.g. Bread, fruit and veg, cheese, leftover meals, meat, cakes, sandwiches, ginger, nuts, cooked rice and pasta.

3. Make a meal plan

In the UK around 20% offood is wasted, which is about £250-£400 per household per year. You are much more likely to use all your food if you make a weekly meal plan.

4. Be mindful

BBE dates are for guidance only, so adapt your recipes to include any food that could be used up. Eat your fruit and veg with the skin on (more fibre) and make stock and soups out of scraps and leftovers.

5. Be Eco-conscious

Nearly 30% of agricultural land on earth is used for food which is eventually wasted…one almond takes 3.5 litres of water to produce.

Think about alternatives such as oat milk instead of dairy, pea protein instead of meat and peanuts instead of almonds.

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