What should I expect from an exercise class?


During the class you will carry out an average of a 30–40 minute exercise programme, including a warm up and call down. Following this will be a chance to ask any questions which can include an educational component around covering various topics from how to exercise, to knowing how to manage pain flare ups. The exercise circuit is supervised by a rehab therapist who will check that you are doing the exercises correctly and safely.

ll of the exercises have been chosen as they will work to strengthen yourself in a safe way. However, if you feel that your pain is worsening when doing the exercise class, please tell the therapist. We will be able to tell you if you are doing the exercises right or if they need to be altered.

We aim to provide you with a block of classes. However, if you cannot attend for a week, we cannot guarantee that we can offer you a further class to make up your sessions. We recommend you chose a time to start when you know you are going to be able to make the regular attendance. Most people manage well if they are able to attend all of the sessions.

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