Are you running a Spring marathon?


How is your training going?

You should be reaching your peak mileage in your training programme around now. Training hard shouldn’t mean picking up an injury. However, it’s a time when injuries can occur as your body responds to increased intensity.

Injury prevention is key at this stage

If you’re unsure of whether to run through a ‘good pain’ or a ‘bad pain’ then seek advice. Many of those who have to withdraw, have allowed a mild condition to get out of control.

The majority of running injuries are linked to …

* poor training habits
incorrect trainers or foot biomechanics
* calf tightness or overload
* quadriceps or iliotibial band (ITB) tightness or overload
* weak gluteals (pelvic stabilisers)
* poor core control

Click here for body chart information on common injuries.

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