Ante-Natal Seminars at Orpington & Crystal Palace


Our Women’s Health Specialists are hosting Ante-Natal Seminars to help you through your pregnancy, labour and guide you post-natally into motherhood.

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Sarah Crosby and Annabelle Dalling are experts in their field. They have designed the sessions to help you understand your body as it goes through the natural changes of pregnancy, labour and postpartum into motherhood.  Sarah and Annabelle will talk to you about the physiology of pregnancy, musculoskeletal demands, as well as guiding you on how much exercise to do in pregnancy, and when to rest and relax.

Gain Knowledge and Confidence in your Body during Pregancy

The sessions are also an opportunity for you to ask any questions in person or contact Sarah and Annabelle afterwards for more confidential concerns.

What will each Seminar cover?

  • What to expect in pregnancy and what you can do about it
  • Physiological changes in pregnancy: what’s normal and less common
  • Musculoskeletal demands of pregnancy and labour
  • Common problems experienced
  • Early recognition of symptoms and when to seek medical advice
  • Treatment options
  • Physiotherapy management of ante-natal conditions
  • How much exercise is good for you and your baby
  • Postnatal challenges so you are ready for your new postpartum lifestyle

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If you would like to discuss any Women’s Health issues email Sarah Crosby or Annabelle Dalling here.

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