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Up to 1/3 of the workforce may be impacted by compromised mental health or worry and irritability – ONS statistics on workforce wellbeing (2016). This ends up costing £1300 per employee in the UK workforce.

Our unique corporate service helps your team lead healthier, happier lives and reduces the impact of stress and other factors. This helps your bottom line too with fewer days off work and a more motivated team.

This offering is delivered with a return to work/performance focus in mind. Our services are robust, clinically-governed and evidence-based. We work with a diverse set of patients and assist with everything from health and stress to raising families.

Vita Health Group understands that supporting the mental health of employees means engaging with a wide range of job roles and personalities whilst empowering line managers to take responsibility for their team’s wellbeing. Our clinicians are experienced and sensitive and can work to varying availability and locations.

We also understand the strong focus around supporting teams to be energised and serious about innovation in your business. Vita Health Group takes this responsibility seriously.

Organisations can select individual component parts of our stepped model of care. For optimum results, we recommend the implementation of our full end-to-end Mental Health service.

Mental health support - a patients story

This fascinating podcast features a discussion with Charlotte, a patient supported through mental health challenges with help from Ryan Luney, one of Vita’s Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners.



Our Services

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Programme is a cost-effective, strategic workforce tool that enhances employee wellbeing and resilience, impacting positively on productivity, absence, engagement, performance, talent retention, risk management, and business continuity by supporting with those social determinants that can impact upon an individual’s health.

Mental Health Treatment Services

We have a unique insight into our patients’ needs. We consider life and its foibles and concerns from every angle to offer a complete service that benefits you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mental Health Expert Assessment

A Mental Health Expert Assessment is required for any client entering our occupationally focussed full mental health services. Clients may be referred from our EAP service team or referred directly from Occupational Health or HR professionals.


Experience and Excellence

Stepped Model of Care

Vita Health Group views our mental health as being equally important as our physical health. Leading a healthy life requires balancing physical, emotional, and mental health and our holistic approach and diverse set of treatments consider every angle.

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Case Management

Our case managers are senior clinicians and experts in their field and are registered with the highest professional regulatory bodies i.e. with HCPC, NMC, GMC or BACP.

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Our clients’ progress and outcomes are clinically measured at each treatment session and we achieve 86% recovery across all our client groups.

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Clinical Expertise

Our Corporate Mental health team are led by our Clinical Director for Mental Health and our Clinical Lead for Mental Health supported by Vita Health Groups Quality Assurance and Safety Steering Group. Robust Clinical Governance underpins all of our delivery.

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Experts in Musculoskeletal and Mental Health Solutions

Physical Health

Our service combines the latest App based digital technology combined with a nationwide network of quality assured clinics.

Preventative Health

A focus on education and training to create working environments where individuals are proactively empowered to manage their own health and wellbeing.

Vita is an award-winning, CQC registered healthcare provider