Workforce Race Equality Standard  Action Plan

1.1 Introduction

Vita Health Group has taken significant steps in the last 12 months to identify and improve the data it collects with regards to Equality and Diversity. We have ambitious plans to proactively assess and monitor a wide variety of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) tools and utilise them to identify areas where we need to improve.

Taking an honest look at our current position through the data, and being transparent on this with our employees, will allow us to implement meaningful change where it is needed.

VHG is committed to continual improvement and development in all areas of its EDI agenda.

The NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard is a key tool for analysing ethnicity in the workforce, and providing a snapshot of the situation and opinions at a point in time. Its specific context is evaluating if employees from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds have equal access to career opportunities and receive fair treatment in the workplace.

By being transparent on areas for improvement, we hope to better the experience of our colleagues in an accountable and proactive manner.

The report for March 2020 can be found here and some further information is given below on the areas where this is not fully complete.  We are fully focussed on the areas where the data does not represent where we want to be and are committed to using this information to address highlighted issues and identify opportunities for improvement.

1.2 Data Issues

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to report on any colleague data prior to March 2020 due to historic data reporting system limitations, and therefore only data for March 2020 is available. In future years will use this as  baseline data for comparison.

There have also been historic restrictions in the availability of demographic data for recruitment purposes, leading to no recruitment data being available prior to March 2020.

Following the implementation of a new Applicant Tracking System and improved colleague data collection, both these issues have now been addressed for future years.

1.3 Ethnicity Reporting

Significant improvements have been made to establish more consistent ethnicity data collection into the new starter process, using a new more accurate reporting tool.

Where there remains a proportion of past colleagues where this data was not available, it was predominantly due to historical issues, which  been resolved for existing members of staff, and should not pose significant issues going forward.

1.4 Actions taken to date

To date, Vita Health Group has taken important steps in respect to EDI issues, including:

  • Establishing a central EDI working group to consult and champion change on EDI issues in the business
  • Establishing staff networks, to support those from various protected characteristics including supporting BAME, women, LGBTQ+ and Disability staff groupings
  • Recruiting a full time EDI Co-Ordinator
  • Internal training review
  • Management training and Zero Tolerance workshops regarding EDI issues
  • Review of Recruitment processes and changes incorporating annonymised recruitment and more diverse advertising opportunities
  • Investment in systems which provide greater visibility on ethnicity reporting


1.5 Action Plan

We want to ensure that we utilise this data effectively and build on the progress taken to date, evaluating the information and using this intelligence to inform the actions taken.

The following action plan and timetable will guide next steps for some practical outcomes.

Action Who Responsible When
Full review and analysis of WRES matrices and identification of  potential actions EDI Team March 2021
Consultation, engagement, co-production and sign off of solutions with Vita BAME Staff Network BAME Staff Network Lead March 2021
Presentation to Executive Management Team of WRES results and next step EDI Board Lead April 2021
Roll out and publish of next steps to staff utilising champions from Executive Management team EDI Lead April 2021
Publish agreed next steps/ actions on our website EDI Lead May 2021
6 month review on actions, and collection and review process to begin for 2021 data collection. EDI Team August 2021



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