Sarah Cue

Sports massage therapist- Crystal Palace and Orpington

Sarah studied at St Thomas Hospital and graduated with level 3 in Sports Massage. She has also obtained qualifications in Holistic and Pregnancy Massage, Pilates and fitness.

Sarah believes that massage provides physiological and psychological benefits, given the right support and maintenance, the body has the natural ability to heal a great many dysfunctions.

Her approach is tailored to the individual needs of the patient using a range of hands-on techniques aimed to relive tension and help restore function throughout the body. She also includes advice on exercise, lifestyle to promote health and well-being in the long term, encourage patients to take an active role in their recovery to prevent further injury.

Sarah works with a wide range of people from helping sports people maintain good form and recover from muscle strains or stresses, those who suffer from muscles imbalance due to their work lifestyle, pregnancy or those who need help with relaxation.

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