Leon Li

Physiotherapist - Crystal Palace

Leon is a qualified Physiotherapist originally from Hong Kong and qualified in Keele University. He has worked in the private sector as a senior physiotherapist since 2018 in Cheshire, prior to moving to Vita Health.

Leon specialises in acupuncture and pain relief. He enjoys working with a range of patients from competitive power lifters to amateur athletes. His passion for rehabilitation and exercise stems from his hobbies outside work which are basketball, weightlifting, bouldering and hiking.

His motto with patients is: “There’s always a reason to pain. Treating pain short term is straight forward – but figuring out the root cause of the pain and understanding the source of pain is the most important part of physiotherapy. Once the source is identified – pain can be treated short and long term. Long term management is just as important as short-term management. Prevention is better than treatment!”

Leon is based at our Crystal Palace clinic.

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