Sustainability Statement

Business sustainability is the consideration and management of environmental, social, and financial factors to ensure responsible, ethical, and ongoing organisational success.

Vita Health Group recognises sustainability as a business approach that will contribute to creating long-term value and positive impact for our service users, customers, colleagues, and the wider society.

As part of our mission of “Making People Better”, our delivery of high-quality patient-focused healthcare services will be underpinned by using all our resources sustainably. Legal requirements create a framework for this activity; however, Vita Health Group is committed to going further than only having a compliance focus, as we will strive for continuous improvement beyond this.

Sustainability is an integral part of our operations, including our planning processes, and it will remain that way to maximise the longevity of our organisation and the reach of its impact. We will demonstrate our sustainable practices to provide assurance to our stakeholders and to hold ourselves to account.

VHG, in conjunction with Carbon Footprint Ltd, has assessed its carbon footprint and has achieved a successful assessment of its 2022 GHG emissions, showing a reduction in both intensity metrics against the baseline year assessment (2021).

Carbon reduction plan

Commitment to achieving Net Zero

Vita Health Group is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, in-line with the UK Government’s amended Climate Change Act (2008). In 2019 a target of at least a 100% reduction in the net UK carbon account was introduced.

As a healthcare provider our commitments are also informed by the Greener NHS Campaign and ambitions outlined in the Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service report (2020).

Click here for our Carbon Reduction Plan

Linked to Vita’s sustainability commitment are a series of “Sustainability in focus” campaigns. The intent of this is to share what we are doing to be more sustainable and encourage others to follow suit. Click the button to find out more.

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