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About us

Vita Health Group is an award-winning specialist for Mental Health being fully accredited and delivering practice in accordance with NICE guidelines and underpinned by robust clinical governance 

We deliver Mental Health support and treatment within Corporate Organisation, Government Bodies, NHS, and Insurance groups. Our Psychological Therapies Service (PTS) is accredited by the APPTs programme which is a joint venture between the Royal College of Psychiatrists and The British Psychological Society. 

Vita Health Group’s Mental Health Service is a positive, responsive and cost-effective approach delivering tailored support and early, evidence-based interventions across the mental health continuum. It recognises that we are all at risk of experiencing mental ill health and in any given year, 1 in 5 of us in the workplace will experience an episode of mental ill health

Vita Health Group’s differentiating proposition in mental health is our positive, responsive and cost-effective approach to delivering tailored support and early, evidence-based interventions across the mental health continuum with a specialist occupational focus.

Cultivating a working environment that destigmatises mental ill health and promotes good mental health and wellbeing, benefits individuals and the organisations they work for. 

Early identification and intervention along with clinically appropriate and timely support ensures people receive:

  • The right treatment 
  • At the right time 
  • With the right expert
  • For the right cost

The rationale for investment is clear.

Up to 1/3 of the workforce may be impacted by compromised mental health or worry and irritability – ONS statistics on workforce wellbeing (2016)

Costing £1300 per employee in the UK workforce

We specialise in delivering our provision with a return to work/performance focus. Our services are robust, clinically governed and evidence-based with our value being measured and proven in effective outcomes across a diverse client base.  

Vita Health Group understands that supporting the mental health of employees means engaging with a wide range of job roles and personalities whilst empowering line managers to take responsibility for their team’s wellbeing. 

We also understand the strong focus around supporting teams to be energised and serious about innovation in your business. Vita Health Group takes this responsibility seriously responsibility.

Organisations can select individual component parts of our stepped model of care or for optimum results we recommend implementation of our full end-to-end Mental Health service.