It is important to consider how performance expectations at work make you feel and how your work leaves you feeling each day, whether it has resulted in a period of sickness absence or not.

At times we may also help you to identify where you can access specialist ‘external’ support and advice, to help you make an informed decision on progressing ‘resolving’ your concerns with your line manager or surpervisor.

Employment Advisors can guide you through such conversations by providing practical information and advice to understand the processes and provide your input into them to aid support and recovery.

If you are struggling in work, we can help you to:

  • Promotion of practical support gained from IAPT therapy, enabling in-work coping strategies
  • Identify areas of concern and agree practical solutions
  • One to one support with realistic goal setting to maintain existing employment
  • Support you in discussing your mental health within your organisation
  • Raise your concerns constructively to inform reasonable adjustments from your employer
  • Inclusion of workplace Occupational Health and HR guidance
  • Advice on practical approaches to support your general wellbeing and which promote sustainable employment
  • Advice and support on reasonable adjustment options within the workplace where necessary
  • Assistance with ‘Access to Work’ applications if appropriate Advice on practical approaches to prevent future mental health related sickness and presenteeism
  • Exploration of disclosing information to employers including health conditions where necessary

Get support

Asking for help can seem like a big step, but it won’t seem so daunting once you know what to expect.

We offer a broad range of services to suit a variety of circumstances, so your journey with us will be unique to you.

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